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Ultimately, a successful meal is not only the result of good food and good wine…

A delicious meal is an experience that stimulates sensitivity, an ideal moment that fosters communion.

So goes the catering trade. We believe that creation must be part of our daily routine, so that our guests enjoy a culinary experience that reaches beyond their expectations.

This desire to impress is expressed both in the choice of ingredients and cooking techniques chosen by our chefs as in our special touches, such as our service of warm towels offered before a meal, the attire of our service staff from a Quebecois designer or even our artistic director who creates the design for events.

Because a meal is more than just food. It is a journey that takes us back to the oldest pleasures and allows us to discover uncharted divine emotions.

We look forward to serving you!

David Carrier

and the Agnus Dei team


Founded by Pierre Carrier and Jacqueline Besson in 1986, Agnus Dei is a family business, led by David Carrier, which has successfully grown to become one of Québec’s most renowned caterers. The Latin name “Lamb of God” stems from the fact that the owners raised lambs for 10 years prior to branching out into the catering business, most notably by offering mechoui BBQs. “Agnus Dei” is therefore a reference to the noble nature of tender and flavourful lamb’s meat, as if descended from the heavens…

Over the years, Agnus Dei has challenged traditions and provoked change to create fine, yet surprising gastronomy.

Offering the full range of services of a high-end caterer, Agnus Dei has become the caterer of choice for epicureans and event organizers, in addition to contributing to the success of countless large events.

Winner of many prizes, Agnus Dei has acquired an international reputation.

Sustainable development

Since the creation of Agnus Dei caterer, environmental involvement has been an integral part of the company’s mission and values. Several actions taken by the company are part of a social and environmental development strategy in partnership with community organizations. These initiatives have also helped us stand out among other companies, and set us apart even today. Here are some examples of actions taken by Agnus Dei and its sister companies.

Participation in BNQ 21000 sustainable development pilot project

The BNQ 21000 project aims to help the implementation of sustainable development principles in various industries, mainly in Quebec. We have been participating in this pilot project since January 2011.

Composting kitchen waste

Agnus Dei has been composting its waste since 2007. In 2011, over 35 tons of waste was composted.

Member of Smarter Seafood

Agnus Dei is now certified Smarter Seafood, for the sound management of marine resources. We encourage the population to diversify its consumption of Quebec’s marine products, in the prospect of sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity.

Using organic and local produce

All our seasonal menus are tailored to Quebec products currently on the market. In addition, we ensure to respect the endangered species list by Green Peace. Example of a product that we avoid using: bluefin tuna.

Other initiatives

- The purchase and use of recycled and remanufactured equipment and material;

- Encourage the use of washable dishes;

- Using paper products made from recycled materials;

- Promoting the use of local, organic and fair trade ingredients;

- The redistribution of food surpluses to the Accueil Bonneau mission and Mission Old Brewery.