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finesse & originality

Agnus Dei creates each of its appetizers, and designs each of its meals with care. Experience the finesse and originality of hors d'œuvres that have been rewarded with two international prizes; carefully selected aged meats; and delicately flavoured desserts, inspired by French pastries. Agnus Dei can also, upon request, devise a menu to match for your event’s theme perfectly.

Menus with more selection

To satisfy everyone’s tastebuds, Agnus Dei offers you three choices of main dish for your events. This option will please your guests, and is sure to contribute to the success of your event. Agnus Dei is the first Montréal caterer to offer this service.

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Creation of culinary events

For over 25 years, Agnus Dei has been adding a touch of glamour and originality to your events, to ensure that your guests have a unique culinary experience.

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