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A successful event is far more than a succession of good dishes and fine wines… A good meal is a culinary experience which awakens each participant’s sensibilities and which, in itself, becomes a true communion of people. Therein lies the art of catering. To make it in this marketplace, creativity is part of our daily lives, of our workplace, of all of our thoughts and ideas. The attention put into impressing people will go into the ingredients and culinary techniques just as much as all the small details which will make an event successful.

A meal is not simply food, it is a voyage which brings us back to some of the most ancient pleasure and make us discover emotion we as yet know not of..

We are at your service.

David and the entire Agnus Dei team


Founded in 1986 by Pierre Carrier and Jaqueline Besson, Agnus Dei is a family business that has evolved to become one of the most important catering companies in Quebec. It is today run by David Carrier and his team of event and culinary experts. The company’s name “Agnus Dei” (“God’s Lamb” in Latin) is from the founders first carriers as lamb farmers. After 10 years as such, they diversified their activities by offering catering services, notably for spit roast lamb. “Agnus Dei” references the nobility of this meat, its tenderness and rich taste, as if an offering from heaven…

Throughout the years, Agnus Dei has flouted convention and caused changes, creating a gastronomy as surprising as it is in finesse. Offering all the services of high-end catering, it has become the choice caterer for its epicurean clientele and for demanding event organizers. Agnus Dei has had a part in the success of many high-end events.

Recipient of many world-class prizes, Agnus Dei today has an international reputation for its quality of catering services.

Sustainable Development

Since its beginnings, Agnus Dei has considered sustainable development as a core value. The company’s sustainable development commitment is mirrored in the many social and environmental efforts made with major actors in this trend. This permitted Agnus Dei to distinguish itself from other catering companies, and is still a reality today. Here are some examples of our commitment to sustainable development.

Participation in the BNQ 21000 Sustainable Development Project

The BNQ 21000 project was designed to help organisations understand and put into application the different laws on sustainable development, principally in Quebec. Agnus Dei has been a part of this project since 2011

Agnus Dei has practiced the composting of organic waste from its kitchens since 2007. In 2011, over 35 tons of organic waste were composted.

Member of Fourchette Bleue

Agnus Dei is certified Fourchette Bleue for its management of marine resources. We incite people to diversify their consumption of Quebec’s marine products, in an effort of sustainable development to protect marine biodiversity.

The Use of Local and Organic Supplies

All our seasonal menus are elaborated based on the availability of local organic products. We also abide by Green Peace’s list of endangered species. For example, we refrain form using Red Tuna in our preparations.

Further Efforts

  • The purchase of recycled and reconditioned equipment;
  • The use of crockery as opposed to disposable tableware;
  • The use of recycled paper;
  • The privileged use of local, organic and sustainable development-issued products;
  • The redistribution of leftover food to the Accueil Bonneau and the Old Brewery Mission.