Agnus Dei Catering Service

Through Agnus Dei, your event will be a cascade of flavours as a true event. As creators of culinary concepts, we always outdo ourselves to ensure that your reception will be a Spectaculinaire TM event.

Over more than 30 years, we have developed a unique way of staging culinary events. Food must be showcased in all its natural simplicity but with a healthy dose of creativity. Our catering service is defined by continuous creative input. Our team is fueled by innovation and fed by your smiles.

Agnus Dei will harmonise its offer to your theme or concept

Fully Prepared and Served Holiday Menu


See our holiday menu

Hors d’Oeuvres Menu

It is with minute attention that Agnus Dei creates each of hors d’oeuvres and each of its dishes. You can experience the finesse and originality of this menu which has earned two international prises.

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Our culinary craftsmen offer rich seasonal creations for your receptions (10 people and over).

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Barbecue and Spit Roast

Fire is an integral part of our history as well as our signature. Our Partner Chef Daren Bergeron will create the scenario tailored to your reception. You can request to elaborate you menu directly with him.

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Culinary Stations

A more casual solution, our Culinary Stations are created by our Artistic Director to ensure a “WOW” effect.

  • Smoothies Station;
  • Fine Quebec Cheeses Station;
  • Mondrian Salads Station;
  • Sorbet Spit Roast Station(the one everybody is talking about!).
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Complimentary Culinary Organization Services

Waiting Personnel

We know that an event can only be successful with professional waiting services, we supply our service experts for your event. Our Maître d's work exclusively for Agnus Dei and benefit from ongoing training. This ensures that your event will be up to our high services standards while perfectly tailored to your event.

Bar & Wines

For alcoholic beverages, we supply the following:

  • Open bar, theme-based
  • Creation of signature cocktails
  • Privately imported wines and a wine list elaborated by a sommelier.

Tableware and accessories

Your event planner will assist you in your choice of tableware and accessories.

Decor & Ambiance

As the decor and ambiance of your venue is paramount to the success of your event, Agnus Dei’s Artistic Director will be in charge of creating the scenic elements which will illustrate the theme of your event.

Wedding Catering

Each event has its own flavour and must be unique.

There is no more important event for this philosophy to come to fruition than a wedding. For this reason, each season, our chef will elaborate the perfect menu where delicate flavours will perfectly be in tune with the day’s magic.

Wedding Planning and Coordination

The experience of major events to serve the newlyweds. Agnus Dei also offers wedding planning and coordination services. From creation to execution, our planners will handle everything with style and finesse to ensure the magical day goes forth without a hitch to ensure the newlyweds can fully experience their dream day.

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Other Services

There are a thousand and one details to consider in order to ensure the success of your magical day. To make a wedding reception unique, our team includes a high-level Wedding Planners and an Artistic Director in addition to our catering experts.

Agnus Dei Experience and Artistic Director

Christian Touchette

With an impressive portfolio to his credit, our Agnus Dei Experience and Artistic Director, Christian Touchette, will add the unique touch to your culinary event. Décor, culinary scenic direction and event planning fuse in his mind to create unforgettable events. Ask your event director for information.