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Event Box "Sakura"

Asian inspired menu - 4 courses

Sakura  was the reason for an incredible trip to Japan where we followed the blooming of the cherry trees along the coast.

There are different types of Sakura, our chefs have prepared their own interpretation. Delicate, balanced, delicious. Thank you for taking this journey with us!

In this video, our Chefs Wadensky Fontaine and Timothée Abelard share their inspiration as well as tips on how to plate each dish.



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Anis Mouldi

Anis has been part of the Agnus Dei team since 2006. He has developed a strong sense of creativity and management, two paramount qualities needed to ensure large-scale culinary events. He rapidly became a key element in our production team. His passion for his work ensures he goes far beyond requirements, which has permitted him to pilot our most important projects.

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